Monday, September 11, 2006

One of my closest friends, Winnie had written this piece long long time ago...I think all of us identify with it, at some point or the our oh! so fast and all too busy lives...
We all need a little time
To introspect, to hope
To lay on rugs in futile slumber
Counting illusions...
Time to think,
and ponder
and criminal thoughts,
and meandering,
Delusions of penance...
Time to rejoice,
and enjoyLove,
and beautiful life,
Looking at utopia,
just out of reach...
Time to bereave,
Lost friends,
forgotten passions
Housed in unforgettable memory
Drowned in intangible grief...
Time to console,
Make a child smile,
just for a moment
Feel the good vibes,
Rejoicing in his happiness...
We all need a little time,
Sometimes also a little love...